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Happy Homes - Christmas

Happy Homes - Christmas

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Jonna Kivilahti ja Krista Keltanen – Happy Homes Christmas Texts: Jonna Kivilahti Photography: Krista Keltanen Layout Design: Päivi Häikiö Kieli: Englanti Language : English Happiness is homemade, also in this book of Finnish Christmas homes. In our country – the land of Father Christmas – we take the season really seriously, but get playful with decorating. Escape with us and fall for the fragrance of cinnamon, gingerbread and the Christmas tree and the sound of children singing carols – Christmas is here! Happy Homes is a book series from Finland, which continues with Finnish Christmas homes. We hope you love this book, too (Have you already read the first in the series, Happy Homes Hideaways?) Find the other books of the series: Happy Homes Hideaways Happy Homes Creative

ISBN 978-952-7054-54-3

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