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Home Made - Secrets To Timeless Interiors

Home Made - Secrets To Timeless Interiors

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Homamade, Secrets to Timeless Interiors – Anna-Kaisa Melvas Interiors & texts: Anna-Kaisa Melvas Editing: Elina Lähteenmäki Photography: Viola Minerva Virtamo, Krista Keltanen, Tuomas Kolehmainen, Ulla-Maija Lähteenmäki, Layout design: Viola Minerva Virtamo Language: English Homemade reveals an interior designer’s secrets behind 14 beautifully executed homes in Finland. It’s all about striking a balance – whether a row house in the north, a seventies’ beauty in the suburbs, a holiday home on the coast, a studio apartment in the city, or an old wooden villa in the countryside. How to make the most out of the space with its residents in mind? The home needs to reflect its owner, favouring individual colours, finishes and furnishings. At the same time, functionality must always be ensured. Any updates need to be carried out with timeless elements: refurbishments are needed from time to time, but they need to tie in with the original style.

ISBN 978-952-7381-60-1

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