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Merry + Bright Frosted Candle (Seasonal)

Merry + Bright Frosted Candle (Seasonal)

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8 oz candle

by Slow North

Welcome the holiday season with Slow North's special blend of northern fir, clementine, and clove essential oils. This unique candle captures the essence of a festive local tree farm with its warm and inviting aroma. Enjoy the cheerful and uplifting notes, paired with a cozy, spiced citrus undertone that brings holiday joy to any room. These 8 oz candles are hand-poured into American-made, frosted glass tumblers and topped with a wildflower seed paper dust cover. All-Botanical Ingredients: Experience the natural scents of Northern Fir Essential Oil, Clementine Essential Oil, Clove Leaf Essential Oil, and Soy Wax, all carefully blended to evoke the spirit of Christmas. Slow North's holiday candle is a must-have for anyone searching for the perfect Christmas scent. Whether your customers are decorating their homes or looking for a thoughtful gift, our candle offers a high-quality and memorable fragrance that celebrates the season's best.

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