George-Mary's was created in a spare closet, with no room for inventory. After many late nights of brainstorming after a few life setbacks, owner Alesia Lucas decided to take what was a mere dream, and turn it into something much more.

After graduating with a degree in Apparel, Textiles & Merchandising from Mississippi State University, gaining experience in retail and management, Alesia realized that what she wanted to do was create a specially curated lifestyle boutique in her college town.  The town, which is full of vibrant change and energy was perfect for her family, and perfect for her curation.

 George-Mary’s, was founded in 2016.  When she decided to name the shop, she wanted something that would be special, embody a timeless persona inspired by her family, aesthetics and minimalist focus.  The store name, derived from a proud family history and a common name between Alesia’s grandparents and her husband’s family, now offers a curated collection of modern classic apparel & accessories for women, home goods & gifts for all.

George-Mary’s continues to evolve organically while maintaining a strong brand of quality modern goods for modern people.

210 East Main Street Starkville, Mississippi 39759