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Amélie - Kyoto Vine & Moss 11oz Candle

Amélie - Kyoto Vine & Moss 11oz Candle

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Elevate your space with Amélie: Timeless ribbed glass candles, reminiscent of the Acropolis grandeur. Available in calming colors, they offer a sustainable 60-hour burn with natural soy wax and seamlessly become elegant keepsake containers. A rich and captivating scent journey through an enchanted forest, where the earthy embrace of wet moss, black cherry, and earthy vetiver mingles with the fresh, green notes of pine and fig, creating an evocative, immersive fragrance experience.

Top Notes: Oakmoss, Green Leaves

Heart/Middle Notes: Tree Moss, Fig

Base Notes: Vetiver, Wet Earth, Patchouli

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