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Maelyn - Sea Mint & Spruce 19.4oz Candle

Maelyn - Sea Mint & Spruce 19.4oz Candle

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For those moments you need an escape to somewhere breezy. Let refreshing eucalyptus and peppermint whisk you away to total serenity, while rich, vibrant cedarwood keeps you feeling grounded. Picture your favorite coastline. Take a deep breath. Imagine yourself carefree and at total peace, strolling through the scenery. Let the base of sweet vanilla and warm fir balsam bring you back with ease. Refreshing and recharging, this scent is your perfect little getaway.

Top: Eucalyptus, Green and Marine

Mid: Peppermint, Cyclamen and Cedarwood

Base: Vanilla, Fir Balsam and Tonka

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